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P.Arts (Performance Artworks) branding
P.Arts - Performance Artworks, project details

P.Arts - Performance Artworks, is an exciting new business which creates stunning upcycled previously used components from Aston Martin road and racing cars.

In what is an exclusive relationship with artisan engineers ‘Racing Gold', previously used components from Aston Martin road and racing cars are upcycled into stunning yet functional bespoke luxury furniture items.


There are no limits to the imagination and talent of the design team who are brimming with ideas for items that can be created with pre-used Aston Martin parts and components.


Following the succinct and witty brand name (penned at The Seen) a neo-retro, refined, iconic and luxurious brand identity was created.


The visual manifestation of the brand is a synthesising of elements from classic modernism, letterpress printing, and other design styles of the past to create a new aesthetic that emanates quality, timelessness, and sustainability - an effective brand marriage, which communicates the rebirth of the old Aston parts into something new and contemporary.


The icon shape represents a nut/bolt - a 'pure' part. This iconic shape is used as a subtle signature touch on the products, where one bolt used is anodised red. It can also be seen used in the brand pattern design.


Our creative branding includes:

  • naming
  • brand rationale
  • anodised product signature concept
  • logo and icon design
  • brand identity including font marriage
  • product catalogue
  • brand pattern
  • evocative promotional cards
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